Over the years either as part of or leading various marketing, commercial and operational teams I’ve been lucky enough to work with some outstanding talent, and partnered with some great supply businesses. Here are some of the testimonials past clients, colleagues and suppliers have given me.

“Tim has all the hallmarks of a great leader – the ability to forensically understand a business and its customers, the skills to set out a clear strategy and the boundless enthusiasm and energy to engage across the business to drive delivery against the strategy. He’s a great motivator and people leader with a superb balance of IQ and EQ. Above all, Tim’s work drives value creating and measurable business and customer outcomes”

Andy Day, Group Chief Data Officer

“Tim has helped to develop a culture where the use of data to inform decision making is the norm. One of his great strengths is his ability to simplify some of the most complex subjects and make it easy for others to understand”

Mark Clisby, Chief Marketing Officer

“From the start Tim was a very positive force. He is a totally honest broker and builds trust very quickly. His skills, knowledge and experience were exactly what we needed at this point in our cycle”

Robert Marsh, Director of Income Generation

“Tim is a truly fantastic person to work with. He is full of enthusiasm which is infectious and galvanising for those around him. He approaches problems with a sharp mind and a good dose of lateral thinking”

Steve Mattey, Director of Planning & Analytics

“Tim has an unfailing ability to engage and inspire an organisation from bottom to top, …but it is his approach to team empowerment and stakeholder engagement which sets him head and shoulders above his peers”

Mark Izatt, Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur

“Tim brought energy, insight and clarity… but beneath the surface, his biggest contribution was relationship building, mentoring.. and down to earth fun!”

Louise Kyme, Strategy Director

“Whilst a Marketing and CRM expert, Tim also recognises the imperative need to work in partnership with other key areas of the business such as Operations in order to ensure the ultimate delivery he is seeking. This is, some would say a rare, but from my perspective, a very welcome characteristic.”

Sean Cooney, Operations Director

“I worked with Tim for a number of years… during that time he was always a solid strategic thinker but with an eye on what is practical, do-able and commercially sensible”

James Morgan, Chief Data Officer

Do you have an interim marketing or general leadership role which requires short-medium term cover? Or a specific marketing or change related project that would benefit from external input and guidance? If so I’m sure I can help.

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