My experience

Over 30 years I’ve worked with many different businesses from small privately owned organisations to big name global brands. I’m a Fellow of the Institute of Data & Marketing, recognised as a specialist in B2B and B2C digital and data-led marketing. I also have extensive commercial, operational and general management leadership experience gained in sectors including telecoms, utilities, retail and business services.

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I established TJB Marketing Services in 2015 to provide a more flexible, ‘gig based’ option to potential employers. Since doing so I’ve undertaken projects for organisations including British Gas, Virgin Media Business, BBI Solutions, CVM People and Combat Stress, the veterans’ mental health charity.

Tim Bean FIDM, Principal Consultant

“I’m a problem solver, practical strategist and completer-finisher. I find real purpose in using data to identify actionable insights that can be used to drive growth through relevant, timely, well targeted customer interventions. Whist data-savvy, I’m also a people person who gains real satisfaction from coaching and mentoring individuals to improve their hard and soft skills, gain confidence and become the best version of themselves both at work and in life”