Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

It’s said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. And never was the need to be inventive in response to necessity more true than it is now. We’re all doing things differently at an unprecedented pace, like working from home for the first time perhaps.

I for one have faith in human kind and genuinely believe that in response to the coronavirus crisis we will discover new and innovative ways to go about our lives. How we work, do business, educate our children, feed ourselves, socialise and care for our sick and elderly will by necessity be examined and new approaches to these challenges will emerge. We are already seeing examples of this across the world, as well as the good in people come to the surface.

Paradigm shift

I feel, though, that this must be a time to change paradigms. If, when this is all over we simply allow everything to go back to the way it was (is that even possible I wonder?) then I genuinely believe we will have lost a one-off moment in time to make significant change for the long-term good.

We are rightly focused on covid-19 just now. But, for example, climate change quietly continues to make its mark on our planet. Can we take some good from the change which happens in the short-term and sustain it for the future good of the world? That should be our challenge (as an aside I am using my current downtime to re-read the excellent ‘There Is No Planet B’ by Mike Berners-Lee and highly recommend it).

Short-term challenges, long-term benefits

Necessity is the mother of invention. Let’s make sure that the solutions we find to deal with the immediate crisis aren’t discarded when it’s all over. Rather, let’s look for the positives in the changes we’ll make and, wherever practical, retain them to help us avert to the longer-term climate and societal challenges we all face too.

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