‘Get, keep and grow’ customers

Are you doing enough to ‘get, keep and grow’ customers?

Leadership in customer marketing & CRM

Customers are hard and expensive to acquire, but without careful nurturing all too easy to lose. Having a clear strategy to not just get, but critically to keep and grow customers should be a core component for any business, particularly those with subscription, membership, renewal or e-commerce models. In fact, pretty much any business with a customer database!

In today’s highly competitive, digitally disrupted, technology enabled world, combining the insight of Customer Value Management (CVM) with the impact of engaging Customer Marketing Communications (CMC) and the enhancing experience of exceptional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) could be your elixir for success.

Let me lead the customer ‘get keep grow’ transformation for your business

Helping businesses to ‘get, keep and grow’ customers is what I do. I’ve been doing it for more than 30 years now, and I LOVE IT! Be it through a consultancy project, interim leadership assignment or part-time directorship, I can utilise my knowledge and experience to help your business grow customer lifetime value.

If you’ve read this far chances are you think you might benefit from some external input. I’d welcome an initial chat to hear about your situation and see how I might help.